Friday, March 8, 2013

Changes Coming Soon For Downtown Disney

Big changes are coming for the Downtown Disney Shopping, Entertainment, and Dining district. This change is a long time coming and is very much needed. Disney has not officially announced these changes but they have been leaked from many websites that are very creditable. Thank you and credit given to Screamscape-, WDWNT-, and 

First WDWNT announced and leaked several photos with tons of info all about the new Downtown Disney renovation, which will change the Dining and Entertainment area into "Disney Springs". This area will offer many new dining experiences, shopping, and entertainment for the whole family. 

Here is some concept art of the new Down Town Disney Shopping area.

Today The Disney Food Blog released several rumored dining experiences that are set to open inside the new Disney Springs are- New Disney Character Dining, Food Network Dining, Wine Bar, The Edison, Walt's Place, Yogorino, Disney Bakery, Trader Sam's Tiki Bar, Shake Shake, Morimoto, 
Temecula Olive Olil Company, Food Truck Row, Disney Burger, and Powell's Sweet Shop.

I can't wait to find out exactly what Character Dining will come to Disney Springs. I am hoping for something more boy related like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars, and others. Also it will be very interesting to see what Walt's Place is all about. It may possible be a private dining club similar to Club 33, it would be a hug draw from Disney World lovers! Disney Burger sounds great, hopefully with Disney Character inspired burgers! I see a Lilo and Stitch burger coming with a pineapple! Yum! Food Truck Row also sounds great and I think would be a huge success. In Disneyland food is everything, I am glad to see Disney World starting to follow the trend of great fresh food with awesome choices. 

One of the Dining Experiences I am so excited about has to be Trader Sam's Tiki Bar! This location is already featured at the Disneyland Hotel in California. When I visited Disneyland in January, I had the pleasure of dining at this location and meeting some of the funny bartenders. This Enchanted Tiki Bar features special effects that are controlled by the bartenders. They do surprising and funny special effects when people order certain drinks, food, or even when the mood strikes them. This special effects include moving bar stools, erupting volcanoes, and rain storms. And the food was delicious! Hawaiian inspired specialities with great tropical drinks make it a fun night for everyone. 

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

WDWNT released this photo with a guide on where things might be located at the new Disney Springs Downtown Disney Area. 
  1. A skybridge (overhead walkway) over Buena Vista Drive allows guests to safely cross the street and marks the entrance to “Disney Springs”. As well, Buena Vista Drive will dive under the car and bus entrances to “Disney Springs”.
  2. A new, larger bus loop located at the center of the entire complex
  3. New parking multi-level structure over what was mostly the second parking lot at Downtown Disney Marketplace
  4. Some strange added structure on the AMC 24 on West Side
  5. What is currently Planet Hollywood will no longer be surrounded by water an will probably be turned into some other establishment
  6. New, larger boat dock possibly built to handle large watercraft such as Friendship Boats
  7. New waterside building featured in the first piece of concept art above, replacing Rock ‘N’ Roll Beach Club & Motion
  8. Walkway between Portobello and Cookes of Dublin, allowing easier passage through the entire complex
  9. The Spring, the new focal point of the entire development
  10. The Town Center, a new area constructed on what is mostly now a parking lot. The dark orange structures on the map are all new buildings that will be part of the area.
  11. The current site of Pollo Campero/Bodie’s All-American/Babycakes NYC is empty, leading us to believe it will be demolished
  12. New bridge crossing the lake in the Village Marketplace
  13. New buildings replacing the former bus loop in the Village Marketplace
  14. Bridge connecting Village Marketplace to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
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Written and pictures provided by Chelsea May
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