Thursday, April 26, 2012

Merida the new Scottish Disney Star from the movie Brave will be starting a new meet and greet experience coming in May. Merida will be taking up a home in the fairy tale garden next to Cinderella's Castle and across from Cosmic Ray's Star Light Lounge. This was the previous locations for favorites like Rapunzel and story time with Belle. It will be transformed to look like her Scottish castle from the movie. She will start out meeting with her 3 puppet bear brothers, but I don't expect it to last much longer than the summer months. As with Rapunzel, who first started out meeting with Flynn Rider and provided kids with a magical playtime which later got the axe because it was taking up to much time.

Rapunzel is now in her new location at the Town Square Tour Guide Gardens which started on April 15, 2012. She meets from 9:20am until 7:30pm daily. She does not come out for EMH. (Extra Magic Hours). This location is temporary. She will be finding her new home across from Peter Pan's Ride in Fantasyland next to the new bathroom area. I am personally hoping she brings Flynn Rider with her. Flynn Rider now only meets during MNSSHP (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party).

Your best bet to meet both characters is to line up early or I have heard good stories about lining up before lunch hours. Eat early or grab a snack and take advantage of a shorter line. Although during busier times Rapunzel's meet and greet could possibly take a minimum of a hour to a max of 3-4 hours! So line up early.

I am hoping Merida will be meeting during our May trip. If she is I will post pics as soon as possible. Hoping to get some new pics of Rapunzel's temporary meet and greet as well.

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