Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Completely off topic...but had to share....

Today is the start of the strike athorization vote in the City of Chicago for all CPS Teachers. In support of the teachers most parents sent their children to school in all red. I wanted to share a few pictures with you guys and show you how important this issue really is.
Here is a picture of all of the students who wore red today to support their teachers
My daughters are in the front row with the homemade t-shirts I made for them last night. 

Here is a picture of the teachers from Cassell School wearing all red this past February in support of all of the parents who were attending the board meeting to fight for the rights of our children.

 Here is a picture from the CTU rally in Grant Park in May

Here is my daughter with her best friend all matchy matchy!

I Hope everyone could please share this blog and show that as parents of children in CPS schools we stand behind our school as well as our teachers because without teachers we have no students and without students we have no teachers! 
As a parent I would hate for my daughters to loose time in school because of a strike but if Brizzard and Rahm Emanuel thing that we will budge they have another thing coming! I would rather home school so that my daughter's teacher could receive a fair raise as well as adequate resources and class sizes!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog! 
Here are the teachers all decked out in red today!