Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Star Wars Weekend Parade

Since I am missing Disney so much, I thought I would write a small blog about the Star Wars Weekend Parade. Hoping to cheer myself up! I am also going to look at all of my photopass pics today and decide if I should buy the CD or not. I am just worried it will really make me want to book another vacation! But I can't wait to go back!

We saw the parade on 2 different days during the first weekend. We were late because of lunch for the parade on our first day so we decided to line up on the end of the parade and found out that the main parade and motorcade do not go all the way down the parade route. So we tried on Sunday and got a great spot behind a trash can and we didn't have anything obstructing our view.

We really enjoyed the parade and I hope you enjoy the photos!

 Here is Mickey on his Jedi Float

 Minnie walking along with Mickey

 Vader Goofy- I think he must have lost his pants!

 Storm Trooper Donald
 Here are the Jedi Young Warriors of the day
 These pictures are of the group of Star Wars Fans that are allowed to walk in the parade along with the Disney Characters. They really have some amazing costumes!

 Siith Lord

 Sand Troopers

 I really enjoyed this very dirty Storm Trooper

 Captain Rex and Commander Cody

 Here come the Disney Star Wars Characters

 Stopped to pose for a picture for me!

 Chewy was unbelievably tall

 Could not seem to get a good pic of Jitt Fisto
 Storm Trooper stopped to take a pic for me as well

 Ray Park was defiantly a hit the first weekend of Star Wars Weekend
 Darth Maul
 Stopping to do a few poses

 Captain Rex wanting to take a picture

 Action Shot!

 Giving us the evil eye
 Jango Fett 
 Stopping to scare a small child sitting next to me

 Bobba Fett 

 Darth Vader ended the parade
 This Parade by far is one of my favorites. Every Character really takes their time to stop long enough for pictures and you can almost see every character from each side easily. I was really pleased with how awesome my pictures turned out. It was extremely hot that day and lots of people were complaining but we had a blast once the characters came out.

My tips for this parade are line up about 45 min to 30 min before parade start time. Line up on main street not near the stage. The stage are gets unbelievably crowded. I stood behind a trash can and they will not allow anyone to sit on the sidewalk in front of them so we had a completely unobstructed view! Near trees are also good spots because people with strollers will stay away from them. There are a few benches around but you would have to save them at least an hour before the parade starts.

After parade head straight over to either Chewy, Vader, or Maul for pictures and autographs. Your wait will be much shorter!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and info. If you would like to use my pictures please post a link to my blog with credit. I am willing to share. For more info comment below and I will answer quickly. Please consider following my blog.

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