Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disney's New Xpass System Test In Progress

Disney's newest Fastpass system is now in trial at Disney World. I have heard from a few people that they were conducting survey's at the Magical Express line at MCO Orlando Airport. The CM's are asking people to participate in a "survey" and are then giving them a Hard Fastpass Card with scheduled times for certain attractions and meet and greets. This is the new trial of the XPass system that Disney World is conducting from May 1-15.

                                                      here is an example of the new card

As you go into the line at Magical express look for a CM with an Ipad during survey's. They are giving the card away for guests to use at Magic Kingdom only and it is good for one day.

The attractions that are being offered for this new scheduled Xpass system are Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Mickey's PhilharMagic, Buzz Lighter's Space Ranger Spin, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Peter Pan's Flight. A few character meet and greets are also available, Mickey and Princesses are the only ones I have heard mentioned though.

 This is what the new RF, Radio Frequency, Scanners look like. As the guest enters the line with the RF their RF Xpass Card is scanned, this then sends all of the guests information to the CM's Ipad. The Ipad will tell the CM is your ride time is valid as well as if you are celebrating anything special on your visit.
You then are admitted into the Fastpass line as normal. We have also heard rumors that your Fastpass card will be scanned again in line, at the same location that a CM would normally take your Fastpass ticket.

The Next Generation Project that was announced awhile back by Disney has seemed like a slow moving train with a trial Xpass RF scanner test last year at Epcot's entrance but now with it actually starting a trial in Magic Kingdom it seems closer than ever. One day we might see guest and vacationers of Disney being able to plan their vacation completely with advanced reservations for dining, character meet and greets, ride times, and down to the minute touring plans at 180 or 90 days before you even step foot into the Disney gates.

Some people feel that this will give people more options and help cut down ride times, but others feel it might take out the fun of just being at Disney and going on a whim. As we have seen with the Disney Dining Plan, Free Dining Specials, and Advanced Reservations for Dining it is harder and harder to be a laid back touring guest at Disney World.

You can rarely if ever just walk up to a table service restaurant and ask for a table. Disney guests are planning out dining 180 days in advance and are waiting at the computer at 6am to book on their 180 day time frame. Cinderella's Table and Bibbity Bobbity Boutique being the hardest reservations to get make people plan their whole Disney Vacation Days around multiple Dining Reservations.

During Free Dining Special it can be almost impossible to get great Advanced Dining Reservations because most people who would not pay out of pocket or pay full price for Disney Dining Plan are now getting these meals for free. With Disney's new policy of holding you reservations with a credit card is now making it possible to free up dining reservations that were being held by people who were undecided so they booked more than 1 reservation for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now with credit card booking it seems easier to get an advanced reservation.

I am hoping that with the new Disney Xpass that people will start to use all that Disney has given them to make a wonderful vacation and to use the tools to the fullest. When I hear stories of people who were unaware of advanced dining reservations or the fastpass system, I feel horrible that they could have possibly had a better experience at Disney and a better vacation with much less waiting.

If you hear or have experienced the new Xpass system please comment below and let me know what you think.

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