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Star Wars Weekend Characters

So for my first post about Star Wars Weekend I will include General information and Character locations with pictures. 
For an awesome times guide please check out Kenny the pirates blog for a complete list!   

Star Wars weekend is an annual announced event held by Disney at Hollywood Studios. This use to be a very informal star wars party that would last a few weekends in June. I has now grown on a huge promotion of the new Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios. 
Each weekend is hosted by a multitude of Star Wars Celebrities. You can get Fast Passes for Celebrity Meet and Greet Sessions, Meet and Greet dressed up characters from Star Wars Movies as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Cartoon, see a special Star Wars Parade, join in on a few awesome Star Wars special shows and interactive discussions by celebrity Star Wars Actors and Voices, Padawan Mind Challege, as well as my favorite Hyperspace Hoopla.

Star Wars Characters Who Meet During Star Wars Weekends 2012

Jedi Council Meet and Greet 
(at the end of San Francisco Street)
**These Characters Meet switch out in this location 3 total about every 20 mins**
Anakin Skywalker
Kit Fisto and Shaak ti
(They normally meet separately)
These characters start meeting at 9:45am and continue until about 6:30 
We got in line for Anakin and then meet him and got back in line and were lucky enough to meet Kit Fisto and Shaak Ti together so we were able to skip waiting in the queue again. They switch about every 20 minutes between characters.
Near this location Clone Troopers and Jawas will roam randomly, better chance to catch them in the early afternoon.
The Jawas like shiny things. John traded with hem a few times. First time he traded he got a empty, crushed soda can. The next time he was traded a Mickey sticker. They keep all of their "goods" in their container seen in this picture.

Clone Wars Meet and Greet
Next to Cars Meet and Greet past Muppet's 3D

This location is an easy transition because the characters rotate every 20 minutes or so and the line does not get very long.

Captain Rex

Commander Cody

Ahsoka Tano

Asajj Ventress

These characters rarely meet together in a mash-up. So you will have to wait in line a few times to meet all of the characters. You will also see Clone Troopers in this area roaming randomly at different times. This location is right next to the Premiere Theater where they hold "Behind the force", "Stars of the Saga", and other interactive audience performances.

They start meeting at around 10am and go until around 6:30pm. I thought it was much easier to meet them in the morning.

Characters inside of Darth's Mall
(Luke, Leia, R2-D2, C3PO)
This location can be hard to get into if the Mall area is very crowded. I suggest heading to this location after 3pm. After you are done with this meet and greet I would suggest heading towards the main stage to wait for Star Wars Hyperspace Hoopla. People start sitting and holding spots after the last Padawan Mind Challenge at 6:30pm.

CP3O and R2-D2
(These characters meet together or R2-D2 will meet with Leia in the afternoon)

Luke Skywalker
(Normally meets by himself)

Princess Leia 
(will meet alone or with R2-D2)

These characters will sometimes meet together in a mash-up if you are next in line during a transition of characters. I have seen some people getting all 4 characters together at the right time. It is very rare though.

Out Side Star Tours
(right across from Tantoone Traders)
This location will either have Chewbacca or Chewbacca with an Ewok
You can also find the Cantina Band roaming randomly around this area in the afternoon.

The first day we went to meet Chewy first but were unaware that he started meeting at 9:30 and without an Ewok, so we had to go back on Sunday around 6pm. Both times we went we only waited around 30mins or less, but I have heard from others that they had waited 45 mins to an hour. The Cantina Band only comes out in the afternoon during Jedi Training they roam around the Star Tours entrance. 

Disney Star Wars Meet and Greet
This meet and greet has Leia Minnie, Jedi Mickey, Storm Trooper Donald, and Vader Goofy
This Meet and Greet starts at 9am and ends around 6:45pm. They will cut off the line for the Parade and around 6:15pm for the Hoopla. 
They switch every 20 minutes. We got into the line and met Mickey. Then we got back in line, I met Minnie while John moved back in line to meet Donald. We then ran over to Characterpoloza at the animation building, so we can to meet Goofy the next day.

Leia Minnie

Storm Trooper Donald

Jedi Mickey

Vader Goofy
I would visit this location during the afternoon or right after the parade. 
This location is to the left of The Great Movie Ride on your way to ABC Commissary.

Queen Amidala
She meets by herself to the left of the ABC sound stage across from Indiana Jones Show.
She has a fairly fast passed queue and meets from 10am- around 7pm. Grab a fast pass for Star Tours and head over to get a picture and autograph.

Bounty Hunters Meet and Greet
This area is across from the empty building next to Toy Story Mania. Look for the sign saying "HOT SET"
This location is least busy in the morning. They meet from 10am to 6:30pm. The cast member at this location does not allow switching/skipping in line to meet certain characters, this is a general thing that happens in multiple meet and greet lines. She was the only one I had this issue with. Although there was many other very helpful and friendly cast members around that area. I personally witnessed for about every 15 to 20 people they would then change the characters, so position yourself in line accordingly. 

Boba Fett

Jango Fett

Roaming Characters Near The Backlot Area
These characters roam randomly during the entire day, most come out in the afternoons.
I have included this photo to show the area where the come in and out of during the afternoon. 
This location is across form the bounty hunters meet and greet and next to Darth Maul and Backlot Tour.
These gates are where the roaming characters come in and out of all day

Aurra Sing
(She will only pose for pictures and maybe sign an autograph for children and/or people in wheelchairs. Mostly to kids who don't really want their pictures with her! Lol! John tried the whole time she was out to take a picture and she remembered him at the parade and gave him and evil stare!)

Gamorrean Guard
You must ask nicely for him to pose and he will stare you down before he will do it

Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers will sometimes take pictures together but it is totally random. They will march Darth Vader in and out of the gate for his breaks as well. 

Tusken Raiders
There are 3 or 4 Tusken Raiders that come out in a group to take pictures. They will pose for anyone who asks nicely. They make there unique noises as well.

Zam Wessel
She will roam from Toy Story Mania to Backlot Tour and has the least amount of people around her

Darth Vader Meet and Greet
Vader meets from 9am to 7:30pm and has one of the largest queue lines. In the morning people will start to line up as soon as the park opens. I went there right after the parade and waited for about 30 minutes and I was about the 6th person in line. I would suggest this option. He takes a 5 to 10 minute break every 20 minutes.

Darth Maul Meet and Greet
This meet and greet is also extremely popular, mostly because of Darth Mauls appearance in the Clone Wars this year as well as Darth Maul being used as the main character in all the Star Wars Weekend Promotions this year.
He is in extreme character and does not talk. He is located right next to the Backlot Tour. If his line gets to long they redirect it inside of the Backlot Queue line. He meets from about 10am to 7pm. He does multiple poses. Takes 5-10 minute breaks every 20 minutes. He also has a shorter line after the parade.

I will be posting my personal character meeting schedule tonight. This helped me meet almost all of the characters in an entire weekend. I think it could be done in 2 full days as well. We did not attend all day Saturday due to crowds. 


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