Thursday, May 24, 2012

Merida from Brave Meets At Magic Kingdom

As promised, we have returned from our vacation and I will now be updating my blog over the next few days with tons of Disney info! First on my list is the NEW meet and greet experience with Merida from    Disney's new movie Brave, in theaters this June 2012!

I was shocked to see how they transformed this area, Fairy Tale Gardens, which was once home to Story Time with Belle and Tangled meet and greet with Rapunzel. They have added a beautiful gate with Celtic designs to make the meet and greet more formal and private. Although in the morning it is roped off which makes people believe that is is closed. 

We were first in line and I was chosen to help wake up her bear brothers. They move and talk a little and turned their heads to take the picture with us. 

Merida was super sweet and talked in a Scottish accent which was very cool for the children who were in aww of her! 

I told Merida that I would be writing about her on this thing called the internet and she was shocked and surprised and said that that sounded like some kind of future web catching device. 

Here is a picture with my darling husband who looks really thrilled to meet her, lol.

The children can try their hand at the archery and coloring pages after the meet. 
 Here is a close up of a Cast Member in the new Scottish uniform and helping a young archery student.
 Here are a few pictures of new Merida merchandise available at the cart outside of the meet and greet area. It is located right before the bathrooms across from Cosmic Ray's Counter Service Restaurant. 
I have heard that almost all of this merchandise is limited edition and hard to find. I only saw the Merida Pin here at this location. None of the other Pin trader locations had it. 

This new Merida meet and greet is really awesome! Disney added some much needed shade over the meet and greet area and it really looks like a Scottish hide away tucked next to Cinderella's Castle. I was really impressed by the great themeing and excellent experience provided by the cast members.

Disney officially opened the mmet and greet area on Friday May 16, 2012 and we went first thing in the morning on Saturday May 17, 2012 and there was only a small line behind us. I figure this will change as soon as the movie comes out in theaters. If you are headed to the World soon make this a must see character spot on your vacation.

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