Friday, May 25, 2012

Star Wars Weekend in a Glance

We spent 3 days total at Star Wars weekend, but Friday was our only full day at Hollywood Studios. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your Star Wars Weekend vacation. 
We meet every Star Wars character except Jango Fett, Ashsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress, and Captain Rex. We enjoyed many rides, meals, snack, shows, parades, and Fantasmic during our trip. Here are some of my must see things this weekend!
1.HyperSpace Hoopla- A dance party held on the main stage at 8pm. Grab a spot early because it gets really crowded. I grabbed a spot during the last Padawan Mind Challenge at 6:30pm and was super close to the stage on Sunday.

2. Darth Vader Meet and Greet- Darth Vader is located across from the Studio Catering company. He meets from 9am to about 7:30pm, but they will cut off his line around 11:45am for the parade and around 7pm for HyperSpace Hoopla. He will do many poses. I witnessed cute poses with kids with lightsavers as well as "the force choke hold". We lined up about 15 minutes after the parade and only wited about 20 minutes. Ask the cast members in the black Star Wars Weekend T-shirts and the will let you know when he will be back from the parade. 

3. Darth Maul Meet and Greet- Maul was in character throughout the entire day, even up to his eye balls with his red contacts. He was awesome, but I witnessed many children being afraid of him. He will also do many poses and children with the double lightsaber will get a kick out of him! He is located next to the Backlot Tour and if his queue is to long they will redirect the line behind the meet and greet area, inside the Backlot Tour queue. He will take 5-10 minute breaks every 20 minutes or so. He meets from 10:30 to 7pm. Meet him early as soon as you can.
4. Get There Early- We arrived each day at 7am, unsure of what to expect. I had heard rumors that they normally open the park early, and the rumors were true. Two Storm Troopers put on a show on the roof of the entrance gate at 7:15am and they released the turnstiles at 7:30am each day.
5. Ride all the best rides in the morning or at night after the Hoopla. Enjoy the character meets and parade in the afternoon. We immediately went to Toy Story Mania at rope drop and we were able to ride 2 times and get a fast pass within 30 minutes. We then headed over to Star Tours and had no wait again. At night we were able to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster with a fastpass from earlier and we decided against Haunted Mansion, but the wait was 20 minutes at the most all of the nights last weekend. 
The wait was listed at 30 mins but was less than 5 mins until 8:30am on Friday
6. Visit Darth's Mall- We waited until about 5pm to 6pm each night to head over to this location next to Rockin' Roller coaster. It is a tent, put up specially for Star Wars weekend. Exclusive Star Wars Weekend Merchandise, Art work, Star Wars Park Merchandise, and Character Meet and Greets can all be found here. Here are a few pictures of some exclusive merchandise for pass holders and limited edition stuff.

7. HAVE FUN- Enjoy your time at this awesome event weekend and try all of the awesome Star Wars Treats exclusive to the weekend. Darth Vader Peanut Butter Cupcake, R2-D2 mug filled with blue raspberry frozen fanta, or R2-D2 container filled with popcorn or kids snack pack!

All pictures are my own, shot with my own camera. Feel free to use but please link my blog. Thanks!

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